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Port Credit: my first long distance bike ride


I had always wanted to visit Port Credit, Mississauga for no apparent reason other than I have passed it many times on the GO Train and have always wondered what was there. A couple of weeks ago, my roommate and I decided to take the ride via the Waterfront Trail and it was awesome. A couple things I learned along the way:

  • If there’s a will, there’s a way. I haven’t ridden a bike in a very long time and having only started recently, I didn’t think I could take such a long journey (45 kms is not an easy feat, at least not for me) but with determination to get out of the house and see a new place, I did it!
  • Bike riding is a great way to see and explore new places. The last time I did something like this was when I visited Niagara-on-the-Lake vineyards in 2013 (rented bikes and rode to each one, it was a spectacularly fun and exhausting day).
  • Always wear sunscreen. I learned the hard way and slightly burnt my nose and have a wicked farmer’s tan.
  • Getting lost is part of the fun. We were following the GPS but it is sometimes different from real life – it happens. Since we weren’t in a rush, we backtracked and eventually found our way. Also met some nice ladies that led us back onto the trail!
  • Being carefree. Since the ride took longer than suggested by Google Maps – 1 hr 50 mins to get there and 1 hr 30 mins to get back, we spent a lot of time outside and it’s a joy being able to stop and look at the clouds in the sky; without a worry to be had. Also, when you’re riding and you feel that summer breeze passing you, there’s something inside of you that says everything is going to be alright.

For a first long distance trip, I think it was well worth the couple of hours it took and I maybe fitter than I think since there weren’t any muscle aches afterwards. Also, the mint chocolate ice cream bar helped 🙂

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Burlington’s Sound of Music Festival

I woke up early and took the Go Train to Burlington on Saturday morning. Why you ask – so I could attend the Sound of Music Festival (not one devoted to the movie), just a festival with lots of music. It was my first time and I learned from Wikipedia that it’s “Canada’s largest FREE music festival that spreads along the city’s waterfront Spencer Smith Park and into the downtown core.”

We started the day with a trip to Easterbrook’s Too at New St. and Guelph Line, and had my first footlong hotdog (Wonderdog style) – with bacon, cheese, tomato and onion. It was delicious along with the handcut fries!! It was an old style diner with all the menu items hand written and all the different kinds of hotdogs that were available were written on black plates and posted on the wall. It was a quaint place that I would definitely visit again. They also had ice cream available made with REAL cream but we were too full to have it – next time 🙂


We walked down New St. to the waterfront after gorging on hotdogs, fries and pop, where we caught up with the parade! I love parades and this one was great – a good variety of musical interludes: bagpipers, drummers, dancers and mascots of floats. We settled on someone’s lawn and just sat for a bit to enjoy the parade.  It was nice seeing families with their kids just sitting on the curb and enjoying the paraders. It was nothing like going to the Toronto Santa Claus Parade where you have to fight for a spot to catch a glimpse of the floats – this was just nice.

Parade-1    Parade-4  Parade-2

It took us a while until the end of the parade, but we weren’t in a rush so it was nice to enjoy it to the very last group. Once we got the waterfront, it was so nice to see water. Along with that, the waterfront is complete with a pier, boardwalk and a really big park. However, our adventure started with getting free cupcakes!! They were really cute and was a great way to start our walk down the pier. Back story about the pier – it took 10 years to build and was millions over budget and the “lighthouse” -AKA spiral looking thing in the background- looks way better at night time (I haven’t witnessed, only have been told this). What do you think? The view of the boardwalk was nice (lighthouse and cupcake pictures are courtesy of the bf – slightly fuzzy and not sized properly due to them being taken on a camera phone…).

Burlington cupcake  pier lighthouse  Boardwalk

We wandered all the way down to the very west side and ended up at the OLG stage and beer garden. I didn’t realize that there were so many stages and on the Saturday, that particular stage was featuring country artists. The first one was Whitney Rose. She was really awesome – I liked her voice and she wrote a song called “Chivalry is Dead”. Something that I can relate to as my bf claims he was being a gentleman by opening up a folding chair for me, so I could sit down *_*

We met up with one of the bf’s friends and they started to talk and catch-up. Eventually, the beer and sun caught up with me and I fell asleep. The bf didn’t notice for a bit but then I started to bob my head and he asked if I was ok, which to him, I said no. So we finished our beers and decided to go get food and some shade. We ended up at the Queen’s Head on Brant Street, which was closed off for the festival. Food was good, I had the fish and chips and a pint of Boddington’s Pub Ale, which was very refreshing. However, food was not enough to keep me awake and I felt bad because bf and friend hadn’t seen each other in years and were still catching up.  The early waking up to get to Burlington had already caught up to me and we needed to get home so I could take a nap, which we did.

I had another first on that Saturday, taking the Burlington bus. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but it was more expensive than the TTC at $3.25/trip. We got in around 5:30-6pm and I passed out cold and managed to sleep until the 8am the next morning! Much needed sleep to make up for the last three weeks or so. Even though we didn’t get to see fireworks, it was a great experience overall and I would definitely go back to the festival, but maybe come in on the Friday night and not get up so early on Saturday, so I could fully enjoy the entire day’s festivities – I also missed going on the ferris wheel. There will always be next year!

Sound of Music

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