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Delhi – Shopping, Wedding and Protests

I have been in Chennai for the last two days and spent the previous 10 days in Delhi. The shopping in Delhi was very different from Bombay, more street markets than shops. We did our fair share of shopping getting scarves, clothing and accessories. There is a store completely devoted to bangles! There are multiple rooms all housing bangles – a magnificent place since we were actually buying from the supplier instead of a third party seller. It doesn’t even have an official name, it was definitely one of my favourite places!

The wedding events that occurred were so over the top and probably the grandest wedding I will ever attend in my life. The sangeet was held at a place called Kingdom of Dreams. There was dancing and singing to celebrate the couple and it was so much fun! The wedding itself was held at a private residence near the Shangri-La Hotel – also a decadent place to stay! The wedding ceremony occurred at 1:30am and lasted until 6:15am. Longest night of my life, it was pretty amazing to see the entire ceremony through though. I got a sense of what was happening with each ritual and why it was taking place.

Last but not least, I couldn’t end this post without mentioning the protesting that has been taking place near India Gate and Jantar Mantar in Delhi. It started off with as a peaceful student protest in the wake of the recent gang-raping of a 23 year old women – who is in critical conditions right now. The students were protesting for various reasons: what will the punishment be for the rapists and how long will it take to convict them, what measures will the government take to actively prevent future tragic events (other rape cases have also occurred in the last couple of days – victims being a 3 year old and 13 year old). These incidents are often putting the blame on the women – she should not have been out late at night or she should have been more careful. There is no onus on the man to take responsibilities for their actions. There are constant debates on television as to what has happened but the government’s response appears to be too late and halfheartedly. I’m not sure if the protests have been televised or reported at home but there needs to be more awareness on the issues of women safety and abuse.

Heading to Madrai tonight for a couple of days for temple seeing.

Merry Christmas to all my family and friends!


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