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Madurai – Temples

We went to Madurai for a two day adventure and I finally got to ride on a train!  The sleeper beds weren’t that bad and since we took the overnight train, it was a peaceful enough sleep. I really enjoyed Madurai because it wasn’t as hectic as other places we have visited.

The temple we went to was huge! It was kind of ironic to be visiting temples on Christmas day but it turned out we weren’t the only ones doing it. I found out that December is a very auspicious month so many worshipers make the pilgrimage to various temples in the surrounding towns.

One thing that has been apparent in most temples is that foreigners and non-Hindus are not allowed to enter the most inner sanctums of the temples. There are blatant signs that forbid it. As I am not super religious, it still would have been nice to see the architecture and the statues of the inner sanctums.

We are heading for a one day trip to the beach tomorrow, regardless of how rainy it may be.


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