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Cooking on Sunday: Pantry Medley Mix


I wasn’t feel well last week so didn’t end up doing a lot of grocery shopping. I also noticed that the freezer was starting to fill out so decided to do another pantry/freezer clean out (read about my first one here) to make way for other foods. The medley of meals this week include:

  • steak with mushrooms, onions, green beans and mushroom burger mix (saute the mushrooms and onions after the steak, it smells and tastes amazing!)
    • basting and cooking the steak in butter is heavenly

mushroom and onions

  • mushroom burger mix with tuna cakes (I still have so many cans of tuna left!),
    • Mix 2 cans of tuna with 2 eggs, chopped green onion, salt and pepper, bread crumbs, crushed red chili pepper flakes. Mold into 1/4 cup sizes and bake in oven for 22 mins.

meatballs and tuna cakes

  • homemade tomato sauce with lasagna sheets and turkey meatballs
    • Sauce: chop up veggies and tomatoes and place in a pot and simmer until it thickens (you can add tomato paste too)
    • Pasta: break up sheets of dried lasagna and boil until al dente (about 8-10 mins)
  • stir fry veggies and vermicelli
    • Chop up desired veggies and saute them in a frying pan
    • Prepare vermicelli according to package instructions. Add to veggies
    • Whisk together: 3 tbsp soy sauce, 2 tbsp hoisin sauce, 1 tbsp rice wine vinegar and pour over veggies and vermicelli, stir until mixed

Not much of a recipe week, more of a put things together that taste good and keep it simple. Happy cooking 🙂

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Cooking on Sundays: Butter and Vegetables

Butter potato

Butter Potatoes and ZucchiniAfter a couple of days in Montreal, I have a new found appreciation for the flavours that butter brings to a dish. I stayed with some friends of mine and when we cooked, butter was often the first and last thing in the pan. The aromas that melted butter produces is truly heavenly.

Having been on the road and visiting my parents for Father’s Day, it was an easy decision to make a simple and delicious dish – baby potatoes, red peppers, green and red onion all sauteed in butter as well as sauteed zucchini sticks with the cilantro sauce from last week. I paired it all with meatloaf I had in the freezer.


Realizing that it wasn’t going to be enough food, I went and got more vegetables and made a stir-fry. Tossed everything together and a meal was done 🙂


vegetable stirfry

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Cooking on Sundays: Butter Chicken Edition

After the yummy beef tacos last week, for this edition of Cooking on Sundays, the BF and I decided to make butter chicken in the slow cooker. A little background history of butter chicken before we get to the cooking. According to Wikipedia, it was created by Kundan Lal Gujral, founder of the restaurant chain Moti Mahal Delux in the 1920s. Starting with the chicken being marinated in a yogurt and spices mixture and then cooked in a tandoor. The chicken is then stewed in a gravy made of butter, tomatoes, garlic, spices and cashew butter (used to thicken the gravy). Wall Street Journal’s India Real Time did a feature titled “Moti Mahal: Delhi’s Gastronomic Pearl” that speaks to how butter chicken was created and then became a staple at the restaurant.

Upon a quick Google search, there were so many recipes online that we settled on combining two recipes. The main one we followed was from Damn Delicious but instead of using garam masala (because we didn’t have any or all the ingredients for it), we used the spices from CBC’s Best Recipes Ever. It’s not a true butter chicken since we didn’t even add butter to the recipe but it was a recipe that we had ingredients for so that has to count for something. The curry powder is from Perfect Taste when we went to Niagara on the Lake.

Spices used: black pepper, cumin, chill powder, cinnamon, tumeric, cilantro leaves (coriander), salt and curry powder

Spices used: black pepper, cumin, chill powder, cinnamon, tumeric, cilantro leaves (coriander), salt and curry powder

Along with butter chicken, I really wanted some veggies so keeping in the theme of Indian cuisine, we made aloo gobi (potato and cauliflower) from The Curry Cookbook: Exotic and Fragrant Curries. It’s fairly simple to make: combine boiled potatoes, blanched cauliflower florets, and spices in a medium saucepan and then serve with fresh coriander and naan.

The Curry Cookbook: Exotic and Fragrant Curries We had decided to  make own naan but at the grocery, it was on sale and we got points for it – so we bought some instead. However we did smother it with garlic butter to make it extra garlicky 🙂 For the adventurous ones, here’s a recipe I’d like to try next time to make homemade naan.

After five hours in the slow cooker, this is what dinner looked like:

Butter chicken, aloo gobi and naan

Butter chicken, aloo gobi and naan

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