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Day trip to Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is located in the Normandy region of France. It is an island commune with a small population of permanent residents that boasts more than three million visitors a year. It becomes an island when the tide is high – also extremely dangerous to venture alone into the bay during these times.

L and I booked a day trip through  An early departure time of 7:00 AM from Paris got us into the town outside of Mont Saint-Michel at 11:30 AM. I have never been more excited to be on a bus for that long because when you drive towards the island, it slowly appears on the horizon and all of a sudden, it’s within reach.

Before taking the shuttle to Mont Saint-Michel, we stopped off for lunch (included in the tour price) at Restaurant Relais St-Michel. We dined on a three course meal starting with the famous local dish: omelettes. It was super fluffy and light but we weren’t sure what to make of it since it was served as an appetizer. The main course was salmon with vegetables and rice and then followed by dessert, blancmange with red berries. It was probably one of the better meals that we had had since arriving in Paris.

*Side note: restaurant meals in Paris were really expensive.

After eating, we were ready to take the shuttle bus to the island. For more information on other ways to access the island, click here. Having looked at beautiful pictures of the island for so long, I couldn’t believe we had arrived and was getting the opportunity to explore it for a couple of hours. It started with a one hour guided tour of the Abbey and surrounding areas. Everything was beautiful. We walked around the town after the  tour and took in the views. There were people in the bay, that looked like they were on a guided tour. The views were spectacular!

Visit Here
Mont Saint-Michel
50170 Le Mont-Saint-Michel, France
+33 2 33 60 14 30
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