Cooking on Sundays: Meatballs Part II

Trying to keep up with cooking has been tough since last weekend was St. Valentine’s Day and a long weekend that included a winter wedding.  For this weekend, it was my birthday on Friday so we went out to celebrate Saturday night at Wvrst (Sausage Hall And Other Wonders). It was a lot of fun to start a new decade with friends 🙂

Celebrating at Wrvst

Celebrating at Wrvst

Birthday cake

Happy birthday to me!

Waking up Sunday morning was a little tough so we decided to keep cooking to a minimum. Since there will some of those  delicious  meatballs in the freezer, we decided to make sandwiches! We paired it with a kale, bacon, and brussel sprouts caesar salad. The only salad that the BF eats because it has bacon in it!

It was a simple yet yummy dinner. The BF browned the meatballs and then put them in the oven to cook fully. We got buns and made them into cheesy garlic bread, then smothered it with pasta sauce and then layered with meatballs on top. For the salad, I chopped up kale, brussel sprouts, and bacon. Cooked the bacon to a nice crispy consistency and then drained a bit of the grease out and then threw the veggies in. Rather than making caesar salad dressing, I bought it store-made and tossed it in with everything else. We forgot the Parmesan cheese but it still turned out really well. Hope you all had a good weekend!

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