Cooking on Sundays: Meatballs Edition

There wasn’t an edition of cooking on Sunday last week because I had to do a sleep test and needed to be in the clinic early in the evening, but we are back this week with meatballs! They are a very versatile food – you can mix them with pasta and sauce, make it into a sandwich or just eat them on their own.

Today, we made  meatballs served with cheese tortellini (store bought since I don’t know how to make pasta) and tomato sauce (also store bought because we already had some at home).

The recipe from Host the Toast is titled: “The Best Italian Meatballs You Will Ever Eat“. With a title like that, we had to try them out. Firstly, we didn’t find any veal at the grocery store so we turned into a pork and beef meatball. We ended up modifying the recipe a little bit by using more Parmesan cheese and leaving out the milk. It turned out to still be super delicious and moist!  The BF made them the size of golf balls and there were enough for dinner, four lunches and 11 balls went into the freezer for a later date.

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2 thoughts on “Cooking on Sundays: Meatballs Edition

  1. saoirsefaith says:

    They look brilliant! 😀

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