Happy New Year!

The year 2014 ended with an exhausting but enjoyable two weeks filled with travelling between cities to spend time with family and friends. This means I haven’t taken much time to focus on me and think about what I want to do with my life. My favourite Christmas present this year was my map cork board (seen above) courtesy of the BF 🙂

The first week of January is coming to an end and I’m feeling very motivated and inspired to make some lifestyle changes this year. With my 30th birthday also around the corner, I am more than just setting goals for 2015 – I am ready to tackle some changes to lead a healthier lifestyle and be a better me. Though travelling is always on my to do list, below are the areas I will be focusing on:

  1. Eating better: Working and the holiday season has given me the excuse to buy my lunch more often and eat more junk food than normal. 2015 is going to consist of cooking more and eating more veggies, lean meats and less take out (the occasional time is acceptable because I love saag paneer roti too much to give it up). Before the holidays, the BF and I were using the slow cooker a lot so I’m excited to start that up again. Keep a look out for Slow Cooker Sunday posts!
  2. Fitness: I have been training Krav Maga at Elite Martial Arts Toronto for the last year and a bit but with all the time spent travelling, I haven’t been as focused.This is the year where I train hard and get my brown belt. The instructors and members form an amazing community that I’m really proud to be a part of. Check them out if you’re in Toronto.
  3. Sleep: This is something that I often neglect and think that I can catch up on or be alright with less. There is a huge difference waking up feeling refreshed versus  waking up and snoozing several times. Creating a sleeping habit what I’m going to focus on doing.
  4. Volunteering: Giving my time back to the community.  I used to  volunteer once a month at an event around town and for some reason, I just stopped. I’d like to do more good this year.
  5. Online presence: Creating a more cohesive me online includes having a strategy that integrates the social media platforms that I’m on (currently on WordPress, Pinterest, Facebook, and LinkedIn). Cleaning up my newsfeed and promoting my blog on Facebook,  being a more active member on Pinterest and in the WordPress Community, blog more, and updating my profile on LinkedIn are some actions to start with.
  6. Learn more: I’ve always been one to be interested in multiple things at once. Typography, blogging, photography and learning a new language are all piquing my interests right now. There are a lot of free online tools to do this as well as free classes at local libraries.

With a plan in action, I’m feeling really good about changes this year. Feel free to comment below on what you’re looking forward most in 2015.

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