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Exploring the Underworld in Paris

Paris, a place that people speak of when I think of romance, wine, cheese and baguettes. At least that’s what I thought until L mentioned to me that we could visit the Catacombs. I wasn’t familiar with the idea of it but decided it would be worth a visit. L likes places that are darker and more grim.

On the morning of, we woke up late and got to the Catacombs around 11:30am. Apparently this is the wrong time to arrive. The line-up was so long that it wrapped around the corner and we ended up standing there for two hours! However, it was worth the wait and the €10 admission fee (€8 for concession). The underground passage ways were well preserved and the bones were stacked in a respectful way. It seemed like the perfect resting place for them.

To get to the Catacombs, you need to climb down 130 steps and only 200 people are allowed to be down there at a time (that’s also why the line-up took so long – it depended on how fast people walked through there). The Catacombs were created because cemeteries were being closed due to the public health risks in the late 18th-early 19th centuries. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I found it peaceful and quiet down there.

This was definitely an experience that I will cherish. How often can you say you visited an underground cemetery?

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