Kissing the Blarney Stone

We took a day trip to Cork and Blarney so that we can go kiss the Blarney Stone 🙂

We were picked up early in the morning by a bus from Extreme Island Tours.

For our first stop, we arrived in Cashel and visited the castle and church. It was a beautiful morning unlike the one we had in Carrickfergus.

Next we stopped off in Cork for lunch. Cork was a beautiful town and I wished we had more time to explore it. We saw Saint Finn-Barrs Cathedral (didn’t go in because there was mass happening) as well as going up to the bell tower. We got to ring the bell and had a great view of the town.

After spending time in Cork, we headed to Blarney to see the Blarney Castle & Gardens. The Blarney Stone was at the top of the castle. When we got to the top, L decided she didn’t want to kiss it because we had to lie on our back, reach over the hole and lean out to kiss it. It was quite the experience and then I thought about how many people had kissed it before me and it probably hasn’t been washed in a while, or for that matter, ever. There are many myths that surround the origin of the stone but many make the trek to kiss the stone to gain the gift of eloquence. Read more about it here.

After doing that, we wandered around the beautiful gardens, the poison garden, wishing steps and the witches kitchen. I can imagine how pretty it looks in the summer time with all the flowers in full bloom. Overall a fantastic day 🙂

Would you kiss the Blarney Stone?

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3 thoughts on “Kissing the Blarney Stone

  1. saoirsefaith says:

    I think I would …
    But I might bring some disinfectant wipes along with me to wipe the spot first. 😉

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