Giant’s Causeway and Two Castle Sightings

While in Belfast, we decided to take a day trip the Giant’s Causeway. Booked the Giant’s Causeway Day Tour from Belfast through the Viator website. L booked the tour so I didn’t really know what to expect but it turned out to be a fun day despite lots of rain and wind. Not only did it include the Giant’s Causeway but we also saw other attractions:

  • Carrickfergus Castle (castle #2)- we didn’t have to the chance to go inside because of time constraints but it was beautiful from the outside.
  • Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge – This is a bridge that links the main land to the small island of Carrickarede. It was terrifying to cross the 20m bridge but the view on the other was beautiful – even with all the rain and wind.
  • Dunluce Castle (castle #3) – a medieval castle that was built on the side of a cliff. An unfortunate placement of the kitchen resulted in it falling into the water.

Now, onto the Giant’s Causeway itself. Upon arrival, we got our audioguide (included with the tour) and we started to wander down to the Causeway itself. It was truly a wonder! The basalt interlocking columns were really tall. We also got to walk on top of columns by  the water. Seeing the columns in person definitely makes you feel small in this world. Not sure about visiting the Giant’s Causeway, here are some images to convince you otherwise.

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