Travel Etiquette: Taking photos

Sorry for not posting another post sooner, we’ve constantly been on the road and I haven’t had a lot of time to just sit down and write. We as a society are obsessed with taking photos and documenting many aspects of our lives. Since we’ve been travelling for a couple weeks now, I wanted to point out a few things that I’ve noticed on taking photos while travelling. Take this as a guide or just a traveller’s rant.

  • Don’t use flash when there are signs that tell you not to use flash. There’s a reason that for that. The light from a camera or any light could damage the art piece, furniture, etc.  Please respect the sights and make sure your flash is turned off.
  • Try not to stand in front of the monument/statue/painting for 10 minutes trying to take the right selfie. There are other people who would also like a photo as well. Take one or two and move on. Also, you can ask someone to take the photo for you.
  • Offer to take a photo for someone else. It’s a great way to meet new people and exchange brief travel stories. You never know who you’re going to meet. We met a couple in Athens who we ended up talking to for a couple minutes who were only there for a day and then moving onto a Mediterranean cruise (I’m very jealous because they were going to make it to Croatia – that’s on my list for future visits).
  • When in crowded places, such as stairs for example, it would be nicer to stand to the side to take a photo, not in the centre where everyone is trying to move forward. I know you’re excited to be at the Acropolis but so are the other 100’s of people who are making the climb up to see it.
  • SMILE 😀

Sorry for the rant, this is something I’ve been meaning to write for a while because I know I’m guilty of the things mentioned above but sometimes, it’s not necessary to even take photos. Just enjoy the views and the experience of travelling, you can’t take a more high res of a photo than the memory of seeing something in real life.

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