Brighton, England

Since we had a couple of days in London before setting out for the rest of the UK, we decided to take a day trip to Brighton. It is easily accessible from the train system. We looked up train tickets and it was cheaper to buy all four tickets at once with return so we got tickets and hopped on the 11:10am train. It took around an hour to get there, so not a bad ride at all.

Brighton Train Station

Brighton Train Station

We walked down to the water first to see Brighton Pier and the beach. It was an interesting beach because instead of sand, it was made up of pebbles – hard to walk on but very pretty to look at. Next we walked to the Royal Pavilion where it was surrounded by a lovely garden. We didn’t go inside because there was an entrance fee and it was a lovely, sunny day so we stayed outdoors instead. In the midst of walking, we found a small market up an alleyway so we went to investigate. It was really cute! Along with all the walking, we stopped off at a pub and got food. My fish sandwich was delicious!!

Also, we were very lucky to stumble upon the Brighton Festival (happening throughout the month of May). There were a lot of different musical acts and other artistic exhibitions happening throughout the city. There were some strange things that we saw – people dressed up in costume taking requests on the piano, people dressed up in colourful cone-like costumes just wandering the streets.

Overall, it was a great day to just wander around and experience a new city. This was just the beginning of a series of day trips we would be taking throughout our trip. More to come as we move onto our first real stop: Glasgow.

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