Wimbledon, London

For our first stop, we flew to London to visit some friends who live there. It’s my second time there and I’m not sure what it is about London, but the people seem more posh or it might just be the accent. Below is some info on the visit. I’m trying out a new format, let me know what you think 🙂

How to get there: Flight, Train

We landed at London Heathrow Airport and it is connected to The Underground Tube System. However, I must warn you that the walk from the terminal to the Tube was probably around 10 mins. When you get to the station, you can buy single tickets to Wimbledon station or you can purchase an Oyster card that you load money onto and can use throughout the Underground system. My friend and I both had Oyster cards so we just loaded it with money at one of the kiosks. Be careful which kiosk you go to; some are labelled as only accepting debit/credit, debit/credit/cash – no change, or debit/credit/cash – with change. We spent some time at a kiosk trying to put the top-up on our credit cards and it wasn’t working at all. We eventually found one that took cash and topped up the cards.

For the trains, looked at where we could transfer to get to Wimbledon station. We went from Heathrow to Earl’s Court and then to Wimbledon. Very easy to find.

Wimbledon 3 Wimbledon 2

Where I stayed: Apartment

Host: Friends’ place
Type of room: Living Room
Cost (per night/per person): $0 CAD
Nights: 3
We slept on a pull out couch throughout our stay. We were just grateful that they were putting us up for our first couple of nights in Europe. It felt surreal that we were actually in Europe – more like we were just visiting friends for the weekend and crashing on their couch.

Yummy Stuff

Sights and Sounds

  • The Commons
  • Windmill Museum
  • Buddhapadipa Temple
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