Booking Transportation

With all the planning happening, we wanted to book all of our transportation before leaving home because we’re on a budget and had a limited amount of travel time.

We used a variety of websites to book the flights – hours spent on the phone and Internet to make sure we got the cheapest and fastest travel time options. Also, the airlines listed below are mainly budget airlines (it’s so much cheaper to fly with a regional airline rather than an international one). There are other budget ones such as Ryanairand Virgin Atlantic but we didn’t book with them.

For the trains, the booking sites varied depending on which route we were taking.  For Prague to Germany, Netherlands and Denmark, we went into a Travel Cuts and spoke to a travel agent because we weren’t quite sure how the Eurail passes worked and we didn’t have enough time to wait for the mailing of the tickets to our home. It was good to get an understanding of how the tickets worked. We bought a pass for 6 days of travel within 2 months for $500+ (Select 4 Countries – First Class) but when you book your train tickets on, you enter whether you have a pass or not, the type and where you’re travelling to. The ticket prices shown are more of a booking fee rather than a full price ticket. The “cheapest” ticket of our travel dates were $12 CAD. In total for the 5 days of travel we spent just over $700 (including an overnight sleeper train). It may seem like a lot but when we looked at train prices without the pass, it was about the same price for the second/economy class.

I knew that we wanted to go on the ferry at some point so Athens to Santorini seemed like the best route. It’s a 9hr ferry ride, which should be an interesting one since it’s a long time to be on a ferry for. I’m hoping for fantastic weather so that we can go out onto the dock. Will update when this happens 🙂

We also booked a 10-day trip with G Adventures from Rome to Prague. It’s in the middle of our trip so it gives us a break from having to get to everywhere on our own. Plus it’s an opportunity to meet new people!

Below is a list of the land, air and sea companies we will be using to travel with:



  • Megabus – London to Glasgow, Belfast to Dublin, Edinburgh to London
  • Rail Europe – Paris to Marseille, Marseille to Nice, Nice to Milan, Prague to Berlin, Berlin to Munich, Munich to Cologne, Cologne to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Copenhagen


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