Live Below the Line: Meal Planning

If you missed my first post, I am participating in the Live Below the Line (LBL) campaign. It is an innovative campaign which challenges thousands of individuals across the world to live on $1.75 a day for 5 days, to deepen their understanding of the challenges faced by individuals living in extreme poverty, and to raise vital funds the Israel Tennis Centers Foundation.

My sister has also joined me in the campaign and because neither of us will actually be under the same roof during the dates the rest of the country will be doing the challenge, we decided on do it over the next five days.

To learn more and to donate,  CLICK HERE.

Meal Planning

We went through the meal planning guide from the LBL resources page and chose a couple of different recipes that had somewhat repeating ingredients. We decided that we would take the challenge head on and be creative with our meals rather than just buying lots of carbs (rice, pasta, etc.).

Meals for the week will include: oatmeal, omlettes, lentil shepherd’s pie, noodles, yellow split pea soup and rice with veggies. Since it was Easter Sunday, we thought of going to Chinatown and to our dismay, most of the stores were closed. We ended up in Kensington Market where we sourced out bulk food and veggie and fruit stores. Our shopping list included:

  • Steel cut oats (2 cups = $0.45)
  • Green lentils (1 cup = $0.85)
  • Yellow split peas (1 cup = $0.40)
  • Parboiled rice (1.25 cup = $0.45)
  • Egg noodles (1 bag = $1.50)
  • Onions (2 medium = $0.50)
  • Carrots (2 large = $0.60)
  • Cabbage (1 head = $1.80)
  • Banana (1 = $0.30)
  • Potatoes (7 small = $1.00)
  • Tomatoes (8 small = $1.00)
  • Eggs (1 dozen = $1.75)
  • Garlic (12 cloves = $0.25)

TOTAL: $10.85*

Stay tuned for our cooking adventures and reflections throughout this challenge.

Blog - LBL Groceries

*We are still missing some ingredients (milk, cinnamon, soup mix, zucchini, and spices). Trying to find grocery stores open on Easter Sunday was a challenge in itself. We will finish groceries at the Bulk Barn and No Frills tomorrow.


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