Along with the Singapore trip, we spent two days in Macau as well. I had always imagined it to be the Las Vegas of Asia since all I know about it are the casinos. There’s the Venetian, MGM, etc. Ones that mimic the Vegas ones.

There are two classes of ferries that you can take to from Hong Kong to Macau – fast (TurboJet) and slow (Cotai). We took the slower ferry from Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal  and it took around 1.5 hrs to get there which isn’t bad. However, you have to travel with your passport because it’s another territory of China. Upon arrival, it was a bit confusing as to where to catch buses that go to the casino vs. Other hotel buses. We eventually found the one for the Venetian and there were so many other hotels/casinos that we passed. Huge places!!!!!

Spent time wandering around the casino before we headed back to the ferry terminal to catch our bus to the hotel. We stayed at the Hotel Royal Macau in the older parts of Macau. It seemed kind of sketchy at first but when we pulled up, it was a beautiful place! The rooms were nice and the “extra” bed that we actually paid for was an actual bed. They wheeled in a whole bed and placed it next to the other ones – so cool! I hadn’t seen that before.

My mom’s friend’s cousin actually lives in Macau so we met with her for dinner that night. We wandered around and went to the St. Paul’s Ruins (lots of steps and have always seen it featured in HK drama shows). There were these almond cookies that were delicious! A particular company had numbered how many franchise stores there were and it was up to 16, I think. Crazy but really cool.

The architecture of the old buildings were reminiscent of the Portugal colonial days – very beautiful structures. It really sucked on the second day because it mostly rained so we didn’t get a chance to walk around as much. I got some shots of the buildings. We went to Lord Stowe’s for their famous egg tarts. OMG!! It was amazing! The tart was still warm from the oven; the crust was flaky; and the custard was the perfect consistency (not to liquidy and not to hard). I ended up having two of them because they were so good.

Also, we saw mainland China. It was bizarre to think that “another country” was just across a lake/river. From a port city (where ship makers/manufacturers were abundant) to abandoned warehouses that are dilapidated and most people don’t know they exist or only come to do photo or video shoots because of the atmosphere they give off.

I must say that Macau wasn’t the “Las Vegas of Asia” as I thought it would be. It’s quite beautiful and full of history – definitely worth a visit!

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