Fall has arrived!

My apologies for the lack of posting. It’s been a hectic couple of weeks with work since I’m putting on a work event is this upcoming weekend. September to me is always a new start for everything. It might be this way because it’s the way we grew up; it’s the start of a new school year. Even though I’ve been out of university for a couple of years now, I always get more motivated during this time of the year to begin again. However, before I get into my future goals, I wanted to do a small recap of the summer because it was such a great season!

It has been a great running year so far. I’ve ran four races: May was the Sporting Life 10km, July was Colour Me Rad, August was the Bum Run (which was my best time for a 5km at 33:03 mins) and last week at Canada’s Wonderland, I ran the Electrodash, a 5km filled with neon lights and ended with a dance party!! It was so much fun!! My goal is to continue running and possibly do another race before the end of fall.

This summer, I experienced a lot of firsts: my first time on a Go Train, visiting Burlington and Manitoulin Island, brewing homemade beer, making wine, and going to the Sound of Music Festival. The one thing that I didn’t get to do this summer was have a picnic with the bf. There is something very romantic about having picnics; it might be related to the fact that it’s technology-free and you have someone’s full attention. I’m still hoping for great weather and a chance to have one in the city very soon!

Goals for this new season is to continue running and keeping up my strength training as well as trying some new fitness classes (such as ones from Barreworks). I’d like to change the food I’m eating – this is very different from dieting. I don’t want to just diet for a period of time but to actually change my lifestyle and incorporate a better balance of the foods that I eat, which will include cooking more and eating less processed foods/going out to eat.

Happy September!!!

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