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Island Time

I spent five days on Manitoulin Island (in Lake Huron) at the cottage with the bf and family. It felt so great to be away from civilization – no cell service, Internet or satellite TV – just campfires, hiking, beach and lounging. My first time on Manitoulin Island and I must say, I will definitely go back. There’s not a lot of people who live there so you have a lot of privacy and as well as very little traffic. I woke up one morning to the sound of cars and the bf said it must be people trying to catch the ferry to mainland or it had just arrived. When I saw traffic, I really mean five cars driving past the cottage 😉

We spent a lot of time outdoors and managed to keep a daily routine – get up, make breakfast, spend time outdoors, eat dinner, make fire, sleep and repeat. Every time I take vacation, it makes me realize how much more I love being outdoors and nothing beats fresh air and the open waters. We hiked the Cup and Saucer Trail was a 14km hike up the escarpment that included an adventure trail! We got to climb up rocks and into caves – very thankful that I’m short because I got to walk through most of the tight spaces rather than crawling on my knees. It was very picturesque and we took a lot of photos from the various lookout points.

Other than hiking on the trail, we also visited Bridal Veil Falls in Kagawong, hiked out to the “lighthouse” (the original one got burnt down so now it’s more of a tower with a light at the top), took the ATV out (my first time) and went to the beach. A lot of much needed downtime. I also learned how to play cribbage – combining my love of numbers and cards, all in one board game.

I saved the best for last. For food, we cooked most of our meals and got locally sourced meat from Papa’s Meat & Deli (lean ground beef, handmade sausages and bacon) – it was so good. I’ve been searching around Toronto for a local butcher, let me know if you know any good ones around town. We made bacon pancakes and they were delicious!!!!

Bacon Pancake

It was a wonderful couple of days to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Next time, I’d like to stay for a whole week or more 🙂

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