Brewing Beer

This is a follow-up to last week’s post. I finally had the time this weekend to upload pictures.

Full Instructions can be found on the Brooklyn Brew website.

We start off with the grains and malts, shown is Bruxelles Blonde from the Brooklyn Brew Shop.

Brew Kit

You then add water to the grains and let it boil for a while. When that’s done, you strain out the grains and pour hot water over it a couple of times to extract more sugar from them.


You are then left with the liquid called “wort” (pronounced “wert”).  You then boil the wort and add the hops at specified times. The hops used in this beer are Syrian Golding Hops.

Wort Hops

Once you are done the second boiling, you move into the fermentation phase. The boiled wort is transferred to a carboy and is sealed with an airlock (it allows the CO2 to escape from the carboy but prevents other bacteria from entering).


After two weeks, you then bottle it. We are approaching our second week but the BF wants to try a variation so half of the beer will go into second racking with fruit and the other half will not.  Stay tuned for more pics and updates!

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