Canada Day Weekend!

Happy Canada Day!

This was a very fun and wonderful long weekend. I just can’t believe it’s already been a year. Our charity’s golf tournament has always fallen on the Tuesday after Canada Day so I spent a late Friday night at the office trying to get everything done so I didn’t have to go into the office during the weekend. Everything is done, so it’s a matter of getting through the golf tournament tomorrow – fingers crossed that everything goes well.

On Saturday morning, I went to have lunch with my grandparents. This was nice and we have been trying to see them at least once a month or every two months. We often find ourselves too “busy” to take time out of “busy” schedules to do anything and often don’t end up doing everything we want to do but I have been trying to spend more time with family this year. It’s so important because I now realize that not only are my grandparents getting older each year, but my parents are also getting old – so no matter how busy I am, there’s always time to spend with them.

I had a first this weekend. The bf has been really into home brewing in the last couple of years and we have been talking about making our own beer but had not found the time to do it until this weekend. We spent Saturday late afternoon brewing beer, the Summer Wheat from Brooklyn Brew Shop. It was surprisingly easy to do since all the instructions are posted their website and it’s  matter of having a couple of hours and patience to do it. The bf had all the equipment so, it was a matter of taking the time to do each step correctly and waiting another 4 weeks to bottle and then enjoy some homemade beer 🙂 Also, it’s completely legal in Ontario to brew as much beer as you want and give it to whoever we want – the only thing you can’t do is sell it.

After brewing, we went to the new Amsterdam Brewhouse located by the water in downtown Toronto. A much anticipated trip since we had been running along in the area and seen the construction for the past couple of months. Definitely had a lackluster experience. The service was just not up to par (given that they have only been open for two weeks). We waited over an hour for our food, which was delicious when it arrived – I got the smoked burger with fries and the bf got fish and chips. The beer selection was limited and we didn’t get asked if we wanted to try a flight of beer. There was a different menu for that, it can be seen on Blogto’s review. We really wanted to like it since it was a beautiful space and yummy food so we’re definitely going to go back!

On Sunday, we baked cookies before heading out to the Pride Parade.  Since we had the mash leftover from the previous day’s brew, I wanted to make cookies with it instead of just throwing it into the compost. We found a recipe on The Rowdy Growler and made around 4 dozen chocolate chip beer mash cookies. They were delicious!!! We took them to the Pride Parade (the bf’s first time) so that we will have a snack while watching the parade as well as were going to bring them to a friend’s place for drinks after the parade.

The Pride Parade was awesome! The floats and people on them as well as most participants have so much energy and are so enthusiastic to be a part of the celebrations. As the bf describes it, “it’s like Halloween celebration but in daylight”. It’s one big party and everyone has a great time. There were so many rainbow-coloured signs and balloons. One of my favourite parts is when people squirt water at other with waterguns – I think we’re going to have to get some next year and spray the paraders with water. It was also really refreshing since we were standing in the sun for 2 hours. Afterwards, we went to a friend’s place who lives in the penthouse with a huge rooftop patio and had a couple of drinks and ribs.

Monday morning was a tough one…events from the night before were a little blurry but I ended up in the right bed with the right person and I didn’t sleep with my contacts in so it was a win 😉 For Canada Day, we went to the beach with my siblings and played some beach volleyball and just hung out. It was a great day to play because it wasn’t too hot and sunny. I also realized that my shoulder has not been doing well, it was hurting a lot to just serve the ball overhand so I’m going to try and book a massage in the next week or so and have someone undo the knots in my shoulder. I can barely lift my right arm above my head without being in pain.

With that said, an amazing long weekend and a golf tournament tomorrow that will go well, as it always does and a short work week!!!

—-I will try and post photos later this week, too tired right now—-

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