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Our journey is about to begin…

The thought of travelling to India started seven months ago when my friend asked me if I wanted to be her plus one at a friend’s wedding. Without hesitation, I said “yes”, not really knowing I was getting myself into. First of all, I didn’t realize that the wedding was going to be in India and second, how can I maximize a trip to India? I had no intention of just going for a week because the cost of travel to get there couldn’t be justified for such a short period of time.

We settled on travelling around India for a month – that’s a combination of taking vacation time and being off for the winter holidays. Next, finding a reasonably priced flight took sometime but eventually, we found a good deal with Jet Airways that would get us to Chennai on Dec 10 and have a couple of days to spend with my friend’s family before heading out to the wedding in Delhi.

Over the last couple months, we soon learned that one my friend’s cousin just got engaged and will most likely be getting married at the end of the year so I knew our plans would definitely change if she was getting married while we were in India. Low and behold, my friend confirmed the date of the wedding, Dec 7 – three days before we arrived in India. Devastated with this news, my friend took it upon herself to look for other options so that no matter what happened, we were going to attend that wedding!

There had been a couple of changes already with our original flight so we had the option of changing our flight – free of charge (the first change was free). However, it wasn’t going to suit our needs anymore because Mumbai was going to be our first stop now, not Chennai. So with that said, another hunt for flights and my friend’s travel agent found a flight that suited our needs that was a little pricier. It didn’t matter at that point because it was a better flight option for us, so we booked and cancelled our original flight – we got a full refund 🙂

Our trip itinerary is at best very loosely planned. I have my trusty Lonely Planet India to go through to see what suggestions they have for the places we’re going to be visiting. Also, some of the planning will happen when we see my friend’s family and see what suggestions they have for us.

Now we’re in the home stretch – five days to go with a string of events still happening. Packing won’t happen until two days before we fly. Should be some interesting times – stay posted for pictures from packing apocalypse.

What are some of your pre-travelling rituals?


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